Monitoring Harbours End-to-End with Intelligent Video Technology


Dahua Technology is dedicated to make the world a safer place. Based on decades of accumulated experience and technical expertise, it is advocating perfect end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions against potential safety and security issues, based on centralized management and distributed second-tier monitoring

Usually a port area covers several square kilometers. Some port zones can even reach tens of square kilometers. So covering a large jurisdiction combined with complex transportation, a large number of entrances, perimeter fences, large scale storage yards and the number of berths implies safety and security needs reflected by the dramatic increase in the number of workstations across a port.

Entrance Surveillance

The entrances to ports have undergone transformations in recent years. Dahua Technology has developed an ID system at the entrance control which can identify the license plate.

Berth Monitoring

Berth monitoring is the most important step in the process of port protection. The loading and unloading of cargo in large container terminals demand high-definition video surveillance to record all information. Because of the coastal location, there is also a need for cameras with a wide dynamic range, backlight compensation, and an anti-shake function. Dahua PTZ cameras feature quick and smooth control, and high quality image, and some of them offer specific anti-corrosion protection, so they are well-designed for berth monitoring.

Yard Monitoring

The container yard, is a crucial stage of the cargo distribution process. It is a wide open space but it can present complex issues because it may easily become crowded with vehicles and people making it hard to identify personnel. So the key facilities should be monitored 24 hour a day without any interruption.

Port Perimeter Surveillance

Since ports usually cover customs and excise, only authorized personnel are permitted. For perimeter areas, first of all, we have to consider factors such as long distances and the effects of night and weather conditions. Dahua’s thermal-imaging cameras' monitoring range can cover hundreds of meters and even a couple of kilometers.

Using high-definition and intelligent video technology combined with effective products and systems, Dahua Technology provides global ports with reliable, efficient and easily-operated systems for overall port surveillance and safeguarding.

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